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Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht Review (2023 Edition)

A direct development of the 74 Sports Yacht, the 75 makes some important changes to the styling and finish, but perhaps more importantly leaves certain key design features in place.

Like its predecessor, the 75 comes as a single-deck Predator or the sportsbridge Sports Yacht model we have here. Most of the tweaks and new features will be found on both models, from a redesigned transom to the impressive technical upgrade of an RCD category A rating, the highest rating for a leisure yacht in the EU. With 40 knots on tap that is quite a statement from this pedigree British builder. We took a look over hull #1 at the 2023 Düsseldorf Boat Show.

Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht Key Facts

Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht illustration
  • LOA 75.656ft
  • Model Year
  • Cabins 3
  • Crew 2
  • Max Speed 38 knots
  • Status In Production
  • Yacht Type Sport Bridge Yacht
  • Use Type Cruising

Test & Review Video

Design & Build

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
The new design makes changes to the transom, glass and interior but the most important RCD upgrade is less obvious (please note image is rendering) © Sunseeker

Fans of the old (but not that old) 74 Sport Yacht or Predator will find lots to like here, mainly because it’s pretty much the same boat. The hull, engineering platform, layout and overall design are the same.

That means we know it will hit close to 40 knots with twin 1,900hp MAN V12 engines, ride like a racer if you feel in the mood or push along confidently all day at 25 knots. The performance is enhanced by Interceptor tabs, thrusters and a stabiliser. The standard issue hydraulics for the high-low platform being put to good effect here.

Three Over Four

We have a pretty good idea that buyers will favour the three-cabin layout over the optional fourth bunked cabin, with its super-sociable lower diner arrangement - guaranteed to be everyone’s favourite place to congregate.

Another stand-out feature, the excellent and vast aft deck lounge still comes with its theatrical drop-down cockpit door system, opening up the salon to the aft deck to create one long sweep of inside-outside living space.  

Tweaks & Changes

So what has changed? Staying inside, the XPS version of the 74, with its upgraded sports interior, now forms the basis for the new 75's finish. Put simply, what was once a cool carbon-detailed cost option now comes as standard on the 75.

We have to pay homage to Sunseeker’s decision to make the Sport Yacht and Predator RCD Cat A, something that required a beefed-up engineering approach and underlines the inherent quality of the hull and build. To reach Cat A the main deck construction has been strengthened, stability and down-flooding improved and overall compliance upgraded. Sunseeker tells us that all of this was delivered without losing any performance identity for the yachts.   

The new hull colours introduced, including a range of greys, black and navy blue, are pigmented gel-coat and rated to withstand high temperatures. This attention to detail and the practicalities of global yachting were noted on the 100 Yacht and the same LSA (Low Solar Absorbtion) coating is used on the sportsbridge moulding, a black finish that is laid over a white gel to further reduce heat transfer. What it all means for you is a cooler yacht and one whose looks won't fade.

There have been some tweaks to the windows around the helm, with even deeper glass sections to each side for guests and the skipper to look through. The window design below decks has also been adjusted slightly, with new stainless steel trims added.  A more obvious change is found aft. The same dual tender garage remains, with room for a Williams 395 and PWC, but the entire transom has been redesigned so the garage door appears central, with equal steps to each side in place of the old offset look.

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
The new transom design balances things up and adds two equal staircases

Interior Accommodation

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht salon
Light, bright and loaded with what were once extras, the salon merges seamlessly with the aft deck © Sunseeker

The new finish only adds to the feeling of space across the deck salon. Light cabinetry and modern fabrics are surrounded by deep windows, the amount of glass around the salon impresses in a boat show hall, it will wow on the water. 

The sunroof above the helm hasn’t been increased in size but with the cockpit doors dropped away, the interior is allowed to breathe in the seascape beyond, with the starboard lounge merging with its cockpit counterpart. 

The port side cabinetry is perfect for stowing cruising gear but it can be switched for a facing sofa. Depending on how long you intend to stay on board, the extra storage space feels a priority and the 75 hardly lacks seating.

Social Scene

The Sport Yacht and Predator both have sociable helm stations, with elevated guest seating. But these work equally well as part of the salon, creating the chance for people to spread out but very much remain connected.

Social life is the key to the boat’s below decks success. The forward VIP, twin cabin and full-beam stateroom are all impressive and ensuite. But it is the galley diner that stands out. A lower galley might not be for everyone. If you like to cook in anger, having the galley and its accompanying steam, smells and smoke up and aft makes more sense. But if cooking onboard is more about breakfast, light lunches and nightcaps this layout can’t be beaten. 

The galley itself features excellent cold storage and plenty of cupboard space. The diner lies forward, so guests can talk, eat, raid the refrigerator, place their orders (this is, technically a crewed yacht) and generally enjoy a good time in privacy. And besides, if you do want to cook in anger, there is a grill on the aft deck and sportsbridge.

Carbon Special

The owner’s stateroom is a great place to experience the new interior finish. There are plenty of options on the final specification, with various cabinetries and fabrics as well as en-suite options, but the sports-luxe attitude will remain with slick lighting and carbon-fibre inlays.

The crew quarters lie aft, accessed through a transom door. In truth, the 75 Sport Yacht doesn’t feel like a crewed yacht, because it’s so easy to get around and so much fun to drive. But at 23m you may want a hand and two crew can sleep in the quarters, along with a toilet compartment and useful utility area.

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht galley
The lower galley has a wall of cold storage to starboard © Sunseeker
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
The lower galley dinette is guaranteed to be everyone’s favourite retreat
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht cabins
The forward VIP. A twin cabin lies to starboard
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
The owner’s suite showing off the new XPS-style interior finish © Sunseeker
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht cabins
There is a big, deep wardrobe to port, TV and ensuite to starboard
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht cabins
The owner’s lounge features a fab breakfast area

Helm Station

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht helm
The lower helm is a fitting centrepiece to a 23m, 40-knot boat. Note the side door to starboard
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
The sports wheel and backlit switches look the part
Sunseeker Superhawk helm
The sportsbridge helm features carbon seats. The perfect place to enjoy this yacht’s performance

The starboard-side lower helm design hasn’t changed massively from the 74, nor should it. You still have two fully adjustable seats and that very useful side deck door. The main console design has room for two 16in MFD screens with a smart, illuminated panel of switches running across a lower console. 

There is one change to the helm, and it’s a big one. The old three-piece windscreen is now two massive sections of glass, reducing the amount of mullion to get in the way. With the new, deeper, side screen design, visibility is going to be very good. 

Up & Over

The upper helm sits to port, a useful thing for alongside mooring that means you can helm from the nearest point. That said you will probably choose to moor from up top most of the time, given the visibility and ease of looking down both sides of the boat. The upper helm design is sporty in a more minimal way, with its clinical white console and skeletal carbon-framed seats. 

As a true performance yacht, there is a very good chance guests will want to enjoy the ride up with the skipper, so you have two excellent guest seating areas for the lower and upper helm.   

Deck lifestyle

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht decks
With doors opened up, the flow of inside-outside social space is impressive © Sunseeker
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht decks
The aft deck feels like a lounge
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
The door system slides then drops down at the touch of a button
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht design
Brilliantly engineered deck lifestyle

If it weren’t for the lure of the private lower deck diner, there would be a strong argument for never leaving the aft deck lounge. A full outdoor living area, the deck includes a massive sweep of seating to starboard, sat protectively within the sportsbridge overhang and muscular side pillars. 

The old basic seat infill that allowed access to the starboard deck has now been replaced by a slick sliding base. The optional carbon fibre dining table is now standard and a new wet bar under the sportsbridge steps can take a larger refrigerator. Beyond the lounge, the sun pad is now slightly extended, as part of the transom redesign. 

Sportsbridge Space

The sportsbridge itself has a newly configured seating layout with a big dining area aft and a forward lounge, both of the smart, solid teak tables converting down into what would be around an acre of sun pad. 

Before we leave the sportsbridge, there is a small but important design change to the radar mast. This was a fairly functional-looking aluminium design but is now a much smarter and more streamlined moulded section, one that will roll out across other models.

Back down on the main deck, those new transom steps make access to and from the hydraulic bathing platform so easy and there is now a moulded staircase to allow bathers the easiest of routes in and out of the water.

Sunseeker Superhawk sportsbridge
The sportsbridge concept works very well at this yacht length, feeling big enough to not miss a flybridge © Sunseeker

Value For Money


Sunseeker isn’t generally thought of as a ‘best value’ option. Matters such as performance, style and pedigree are the main associations. But has the British builder pulled off a trick with this 75? The final specification has a massive say on the true, on-the-water, price at this size but the base price of around €3 millin ex VAT (correct at time of writing) looks very competitive and gives buyers the freedom to really specify their yacht as they want.

A stabiliser is now a given, even on a 40-knot boat, and will add a dent to the budget but the hydraulic package is already in place.

The main question is usually whether to spec the uprated engines, moving from the base 1,550hp MANs to the 1,900hp option. But this is a Sunseeker, so of course you do.  

Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht crew
The two-berth crew quarters and utility area is accesed off the transom
Sunseeker 75 Sports Yacht engine bay
The engine room with its twin 1,900hp MAN V12 engines

Our Verdict

The 75 Sport Yacht and soon-to-be-released Predator have smoothed, tuned and tweaked the 74, keeping all the good stuff and adding the kind of details that you might not necessarily notice at first but will appreciate endlessly. Two major advantages are the RCD boost and XPS trim which both come as standard. Elsewhere, the new transom works well stylistically and the aft deck seating infill will no longer annoy you. But it is the overall package, for a price just as aggressive as the 75 Sport Yacht’s design, that will make this model a continued success.

Reasons to Buy

  • Inside-outside social design
  • RCD Cat A and 40-knot performance
  • Competitive price
  • New design for 2023

Things to Consider

  • No upper galley option
  • Small engine bay hatch

Rivals to Consider

The sportsbridge concept makes a lot of sense above 20m, often delivering an upper deck that, whilst not to flybridge levels on space, is big and impressive enough to be enjoyed.

One yacht that matches the Sunseeker on sportsbridge space and style is the beautifully styled Princess S72, with a near-identical layout up top. The S72 can hit 36 knots with the smaller 1,650hp MAN engines but weighs in at a heftier 55 tonnes, suggesting some seriously good hull design. Inside, the four-cabin design has the galley aft with a separate dining area.

Azimut has two S models to consider, the S7 is a slightly smaller, 22m, boat. Powered by triple IPS pods the S7 will hit around 35 knots and has a four-cabin interior with its galley up and, unusually, forward up by the helm.

The S8 is slightly larger at 25m but actually has a smaller sportsbridge. You feel the space inside, however, with a long spread of lounge and dining on the main deck and four cabins and the galley below.

Riva’s 37-knot Perseo Super is a boat we know well and one you need to look at, even if its mix of sports style and GT luxury isn’t quite for you. Beautifully built and designed on the outside, the three-cabin interior is part yacht, part supercar.



  • Builder Sunseeker
  • Range Sport Yacht
  • Model 75 Sport Yacht
Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht illustration
  • Length Overall 75.656ft
  • Beam 17.651ft
  • Draft(full load) 6.135ft
  • Hull GRP
  • Cabins 3
  • Berths 6
  • Crew 2
  • Yacht Type (Primary) Sport Bridge Yacht
  • Use Type (Primary) Cruising
  • Cruising Speed
    Max Speed
  • Fuel Capacity 1,268 Gallons
  • Fresh Water Capacity 211 Gallons
  • Engine Model 2x MAN V12-1900


The Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht supports tenders with a max length of 12.959ft

Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht Layout

  • Flybridge Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht

    At this size of yacht, the sportsbridge feels very much at flybridge levels on luxury and specification, if not quite on space. That said, the 75's upper deck is one of the biggest in this sector. 

  • Main Deck Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht

    A great balance between salon and aft deck space creates two lounges and that inside-outside flow we want. Having the galley down helps salon space and there is no option to move it up, as most rivals do. 

  • Lower Deck Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht

    The lower galley and dinette is an undoubted feature but it does make the 75 a three-cabin boat.