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Princess X95 Review (2022 Edition)

Princess has possibly created its most thrilling, industrious, and uniquely distinct yacht yet, which could easily stand among its finest creations.

Just a few years back, the idea of the X95 seemed far-fetched, especially for Princess which is known for its classic styling. However, times have changed, and for the better. Yacht design has surged forward, inspired by a daring superyacht market and the demands of discerning buyers.

Princess' journey through the challenges of crafting M Class superyachts has undoubtedly instilled a boldness in their approach, all while staying attuned to customer desires. The outcome? The X Class, vessels entirely focused on owner comfort, so much so that they might as well come with a bedtime tucking-in feature.

Princess X95 Key Facts

Princess X95 illustration
  • LOA 95.013ft
  • Model Year 2022
  • Cabins 4
  • Crew 4
  • Max Speed 26 knots
  • Status Discontinued
  • Generations 2
  • Yacht Type Superyacht
  • Use Type Cruising

Design & Build

When a yacht like the X95 makes its debut, it's impossible to ignore. This 29m (95ft) vessel, capable of cruising at 25 knots with a crew, defies categorization and represents a significant departure for its British manufacturer, Princess.

Combining the bold design elements seen in its earlier M Class yachts with the practical luxury found in its flybridge F and Y Class models, the X series is packed with features that set it apart in its size category. However, above all else, the X95 prioritizes one thing: owner comfort.

Princess X95 design
A powerful two-deck design dedicated to owner enjoyment © Princess Yachts

In theory, the design of the X95 is simple, but its execution is incredible. This yacht maximizes space across two expansive decks, pushing the boundaries of what's possible inside and out. The upper deck — a defining feature of the X Class — introduces innovative elements like an elevated lounge and a walkaround terrace that spans from bow to stern.

Height of Luxury

The dual-deck layout naturally increases the yacht's height, a factor carefully managed to maintain aesthetic appeal. Extensive glass sections create an illusion of floating within slim white moldings, a design concept Princess has explored before but never to this extent. Alternatively, buyers can opt for more adventurous choices, with a range of exterior color schemes available.

Princess X95 design
Despite having less beam than its rivals, the X95 still feels spacious
Princess X95 design
Princess X95 design

The vertical design of the X95 shoulders most of the interior space allocation, as its slimmer beam (compared to competitors) doesn't contribute as much to volume creation. This design results in a visually tall yacht, necessitating stabilizers for stability. However, the payoff is substantial.

In addition to the upper deck, the X95 offers a generously sized and adaptable main deck. Owners can choose between a forward stateroom or a dining area, paired with what Princess terms a "country kitchen" and a social galley, perfect for gathering and enjoying the surrounding views. Below decks, the standard four-cabin layout is available, or owners can opt for a more customized configuration, as demonstrated by our test yacht.

Interior Accommodation

The upper deck lounge stands out as a star feature, but much of your decision-making will revolve around the main deck, which offers ample space for customization. With no standard layout in place, freestanding furniture allows for personalized styling of the salon. There's room for a spacious lounge and dining area, and buyers can opt for either expansive glass sections or sliding doors on each side, which offer stunning views. Our test boat's owner chose both options, underscoring their appeal.

The primary decision for owners centers on whether to have a forward owner's stateroom or a country kitchen with an open social galley, bar, and dining area. The standard galley boasts a well-thought-out design, with ample storage and refrigeration options. Additionally, a side door allows the crew to operate and serve without disrupting guests in the salon.

Princess X95 salon
Main salon, looking aft. Layout, furniture and finish options are vast © Princess Yachts
Princess X95 galley
Princess X95 salon

The Owner Takes it All

The forward galley and dining option may pique interest, yet nearly all of the 20-plus X95s built so far have opted for the owner's cabin on the main deck. This choice speaks volumes about the draw of the main deck stateroom, a true hallmark of a superyacht. Moreover, with the additional upper lounge onboard, there's no shortage of gathering spaces on this vessel.

The stateroom boasts an elevated feel, offering captivating views through two deep windows overlooking the water. owners can also opt for a study, dressing area, and lounge within the cabin. A forward window provides a peek into the foredeck snug, complete with a pop-up TV, although the yacht we examined featured a sizable fixed TV instead. The ensuite, positioned aft of the cabin, may not be the largest, but it's perfectly adequate, with various layout and finish options available; our test yacht boasted elegant white marble finishes.

princess x95 cabin
The main deck owner's cabin © Princess Yachts
Princess X95 design
princess x95 cabin

Guest Stars

The semi-custom approach shines below decks, where you have the option to choose from various layouts, whether opting for a three or four-cabin configuration. In the four-cabin design, a VIP stateroom is situated forward and amidships, flanked by twin cabins. Each cabin offers generous proportions and comes with its ensuite bathroom.

For those prioritizing flexibility and placing emphasis on VIP accommodations, the three-cabin layout is an attractive option. During our test, we encountered a striking addition: a sprawling walk-in closet accompanying the amidships suite, replacing the starboard guest cabin. This enhancement elevates an already exceptional cabin to newfound heights, offering a private and inviting sanctuary comparable to the main deck stateroom. The deep hull-side windows add to its allure, making it just as captivating and spectacular.

Princess X95 upper salon
The upper salon with its louvre skylights and superb views © Princess Yachts
princess X95 upper salon day head
Princess X95 bridge

That Elevated Feeling 

Ascending to the main deck, an elegant staircase beckons toward the upper lounge, offering a serene setting to soak in the surrounding vistas. The space is adorned with a curated selection of sofas, inviting guests to unwind and savor the scenery, with expansive glass panels and skylights framing the panoramic views. Doors seamlessly connect to the aft deck, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Customization options abound, with possibilities ranging from a convenient day head to a well-appointed bar and a variety of freestanding furniture choices. However, one of the upper lounge's standout features is its direct access to the bridge, imbuing the area with a sense of nautical sophistication that complements its luxurious ambiance. This proximity allows the owner and guests to convene effortlessly during voyages, fostering easy communication with the captain and ensuring an unforgettable yachting experience.

Helm Station

Perched forward on the upper deck, the X95 boasts a singular elevated bridge designed with a ship-like layout. A central helm seat and console command attention, flanked by forward-leaning windscreens that not only instill a sense of purpose but also offer exceptional forward and alongside visibility. Standard features include triple screens, with the option to expand to two more, providing ample space for navigational and ancillary equipment.

The specification encompasses an impressive array of navigational tools, including radar and chartplotter, while a Bonning ship-system display offers comprehensive control over various aspects of the yacht's operation. From managing the AC/DC supply to adjusting lighting, monitoring cameras, and regulating climate, this centralized system ensures control and monitoring for enhanced safety and convenience.

Princess X95 bridge
The central helm console can accomodate up to five MFDs © Princess Yachts
Princess X95 helm
Princess X95 bridge

Featuring guest and crew seating to port, the X95 offers convenient access to the side and foredeck through a starboard door. Adjacent to the door, a fold-out wing station provides the Captain with an excellent vantage point to assess both the conditions and the yacht's movements up close. Additionally, another docking station is located on the main deck aft, facilitating stern-to-mooring maneuvers for added convenience and ease of operation.

Deck Lifestyle

The upper deck stands out as the signature exterior feature of the X design, setting this yacht apart from any previous Princess flybridge models. Noteworthy for both its expansive scale and the elevated level of style and specification, the deck features a full walkaround design. The immense aft terrace connects to a stunning stepped foredeck, providing ample space for a Jacuzzi if desired.

Princess X95 design
The massive upper deck is full walkaround, running from almost the bow to the stern © Princess Yachts

The entire upper deck is truly spectacular. The journey forward is a mesmerizing experience, with the overhang and pillar creating an elegant breaking wave that gracefully curves overhead. Moving past the foredeck lounge, steps lead down to a safely enclosed foredeck nestled within cutaway coamings. This area serves as an excellent workspace for the crew, offering ample space and security for handling lines and the anchor. However, it's not just functional; it's also sublime for guests, offering a secluded and intimate retreat in the bows, surrounded by exquisite design and top-of-the-line yachting hardware.

Princess X95 deck
It's not hard to see why the upper deck is the star of the show © Princess Yachts
Princess X95 design
Princess X95 decks

This blend of lifestyle and practicality is evident throughout the decks, exemplified by the expansive deck storage lockers and twin lifeboat pods integrated into the upper aft deck's wet bar modules, strategically designed for direct deployment outboard.

Upper & Lower Deck Class

In most X95 configurations, the upper aft deck remains open, inviting free-standing lounge furniture to occupy the space, while the dining area is nestled beneath the superstructure overhang, in closer proximity to the interior. An ingeniously hidden awning discreetly extends to cover approximately half of the deck, ensuring sun-seekers always have a shaded retreat. On the main deck aft, a defined layout offers a sense of spaciousness beyond the yacht's beam dimensions, with options for conventional dining setups and various wet bar designs to suit diverse preferences.

Princess X95 transom lounge, beach club
The optional transom lounge © Princess Yachts

Additional choices await on the swim platform. Standard equipment includes the 'Transformer' platform, a versatile hydraulic lift serving as both a 1000kg tender launch and recovery system, and a watersports terrace extending up to 6m (20ft) or semi-submerging. With the stern bustling with activity, opting for a mini lounge in the transom proves practical. Although it encroaches slightly into the crew quarters, an adjoining door grants the crew direct access, mitigating any inconvenience. Moreover, the standard yacht boasts a storage garage capable of accommodating a PWC.

Value For Money

Princess spares no expense in outfitting its largest yacht to date, providing ample amenities including air-conditioning, navigation equipment, and a meticulous fit-out for owners' pleasure. Notably, despite its expansive outdoor areas, the X95 surprises with its high specification, featuring rich teak covering every inch of its decks as standard.

princess X95 engine room
The engine room provides excellent access around the MAN engines © Princess Yachts
Princess X95 decks
Princess X95 design

The engine room showcases Princess's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Equipped with twin 40kW generators, a hydraulic system, a water-maker, and a fuel-cleaning system, it provides a robust and reliable foundation for serious cruising endeavors.

Princess X95 design
The Princess team will work with buyers to create their ideal interior, and view © Princess Yachts

These details underpin a yacht that is undeniably spacious, well-crafted, and technically advanced, offering clever and exceptionally comfortable design both inside and out. With the potential for up to five cabins, two salons, and semi-custom finishing options, it presents a high-volume, high-value package that exceeds expectations.

Our Verdict

Princess is fully aware of the success of the X Class design, evident in their recent launch of the new X80 and the upcoming Y95, inspired by the acclaimed X95 but featuring an open flybridge instead of an enclosed bridge. While Princess has not officially announced additional X models, it wouldn't be surprising to see more in the future. For now, let's appreciate the impressive and incredibly spacious package offered by the X Class yachts.

Reasons to Buy

  • Vast upper deck with salon
  • Up to five ensuite cabins
  • 2000nm range with extended tanks
  • Main deck Owner's stateroom or country kitchen
  • Excellent standard spec

Things to Consider

  • Challenging design, but boy does it deliver

Rivals to Consider

It speaks volumes about the diversity of the new yacht market that the X95 can have so many rivals. The birth of the SUV design is now joined by yachts that, like the X Class, defy any convention or type, mixing high-volume and maximum deck space to incredible effect. It’s a wild and wonderful world full of stylistic contrasts but with every yacht here fully focused on the Owner.     

One of the most obvious rivals is also a very different yacht. The 30m (99ft) Ferretti 1000 has lots in common with the X95, including dimensions, performance, a massive deck salon, main deck Owner’s stateroom and four guest cabins. But, it’s also a flybridge yacht with no upper lounge. Given the upper deck is one of the Princess’ defining features, that makes the Ferretti a possible outsider in this field.

If that upper deck lounge is important to you, there are plenty of yachts to consider. The Wally Why200 reflects the more practical course this Italian design-powerhouse is now plotting. Of course, the Why200 still looks fantastic, with a cohesive, sophisticated design that adds a good dose of Wally stealth-chic. Inside, the main deck Owner’s cabin is the stuff of dreams, the three or four guest cabins are all impressive. The upper deck features a vast aft terrace and a cool lounge set within the glass superstructure. There is also some very useable 20-knot performance from quadruple pod drives. The Wally isn’t as big as the X95 overall but it is excellent in key areas.

Another design triumph, the Sanlorenzo SX88 has a minimalist interior design full of cool and calm Italian lifestyle. There are numerous layout options, particularly across the main salon, with four or five-cabins layout and a main deck Owner’s stateroom. Again the SX88 can’t match the X95 on overall space or the sheer number of places to enjoy inside or out. But it does look sensational.  

If size is important, the Numarine 32XP is the kind of yacht that likes to make 40m vessels feel inadequate. It looks massive, with a tall, powerful SUV design delivering a bridge deck with a lounge and huge aft terrace. The foredeck, upper and main deck aft are all big, as are the main deck Owner’s cabin and four guest quarters. The serious explorer looks are backed up by a massive 4000nm range.

We may have saved the best until last in the new Azimut Magellano 30 Metri. We don’t have much information on this model but it looks sensational (if the Thunderbirds had a yacht it would look like this) and packs a proper bridge deck with a massive, full-beam terrace. Inside a main-deck Owner’s stateroom is joined by four ensuite guest cabins below. Performance is expected to be around 20knots.


  • Builder Princess
  • Range X Class
  • Model Princess X95
Princess X95 illustration
  • Length Overall 95.013ft
  • Beam 21.818ft
  • Draft(full load) 6.66ft
  • Hull GRP
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 8
  • Crew 4
  • Yacht Type (Primary) Superyacht
  • Use Type (Primary) Cruising
  • Cruising Speed
    Max Speed
  • Fuel Capacity 3,540 Gallons
  • Fresh Water Capacity 476 Gallons
  • Engine Model 2x MAN V12-1900
  • Engine economic speed 10 knots
  • Engine max range (speed type) 2000 nm

Princess X95 Layout

  • Flybridge Princess X95

    The bridge deck is full walkaround with a massive aft terrace and still impressive forward lounge.

  • Optional master cabin, formal dining area and drinks bar

    Main Deck Princess X95

    The main deck ensures every guest is accommodated across the lounge and dining areas. The forward stateroom is far and away the most popular option with X95 buyers.

  • Lower Deck Princess X95

    The lower deck's standard four-cabins, seen here, are open to customisation. The test boat featured a huge walk-in dressing room for the amidships stateroom, in place of the starboard guest cabin.