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Benetti Oasis 40M Review (2021 Edition)

Welcome to yachting future now, courtesy of Benetti, RWD and the Oasis Deck.

The Benetti Oasis 40m is aptly named, its spectacular aft design creates an aquatic paradise and in doing so completely reimagines what is possible on this size of yacht. But this 134ft, 385GT tri-deck design could equally have been called the Benetti Future, so advanced and game-changing is it in so many key areas. From its stellar helm station to its opulent stateroom this is a yacht designed and destined for greatness.

Benetti Oasis 40M Key Facts

Benetti Oasis 40M illustration
  • LOA 40.8m
  • Model Year 2021
  • Cabins 5
  • Crew 9
  • Max Speed 16 knots
  • Status In Production
  • Yacht Type Superyacht
  • Use Type Cruising

Test & Review Video

Design & Build

Make no mistake, the Benetti Oasis concept from British design house RWD is the real deal, a genuine game-changing moment that will alter and advance the way all other yacht builders and designers approach a new concept.

benetti 40m design
The RWD exterior design is a thing of purposeful beatuty. © Benetti

This 385GT 40M model from the Oasis range, there is also a 34M and we will be very surprised if there are not more versions planned, is a next-generation superyacht, a tri-deck that includes every facet of cutting edge nautical thinking and then, as the greats do, goes on to create its own unique moments. 

The vertical prow, upright superstructure, raking lines, and metallic finish are everything the modernist could desire. The versatile semi-displacement hull and its 4,000nm range tell you that this is also a very serious vessel for highly discerning owners.

benetti 40m design
The Oasis Deck creates a waterside paradise, solves the main deck conundrum and generally moves yacht design on in dramatic fashion © Benetti
benetti 40m design

Star Quality

These points alone would move the Oasis into the upper echelons of the 40m market. But it then adds two special features that blow the completion away. First is the namesake Oasis stern design that will surely shape many more Benettis to come. The second is a helm station so special and beyond what anyone has delivered before that we might have to come up with a new name for it. For now, we shall simply call it a glass bridge, and more on that later.

Back to the stern and those shallow tiers of open deck that run down to the waterline. The design turns the rarely successful and always underemployed main deck aft into the perfect sea view terrace, overlooking an infinity pool and hydraulic swim platform. It is a main deck guaranteed to be used and enjoyed. Then the clever stuff happens.

The flanks of the 40M, sculpted upper works that continue the yacht’s profile, fold out to create one enormous waterside platform, over 10m (33ft) wide. The already vast and wonderful aft deck becomes the OASIS DECK (which Benetti has wisely decided to trademark). 

benetti 40m design
The overall tri-deck design works so hard and so well © Benetti

To create this area, the Benetti designers, pushed the tender garage forward of the engine room, allowing the deck to be dropped as low as possible and create a design that seamlessly connects to the water. 

But with so much space and design priority given to the aft deck, the initial fear is that the interior might suffer. Fully employed, with the flanks folded down, the OASIS DECK does indeed look huge, visually it seems to take up half the yacht, but with the flanks folded up the yacht’s proportions balance out, clearly delivering just as much superstructure and 370GT of internal volume as the best 40M out there.

Interior Accommodation

With so much successful design outside, Benetti has intelligently merged the salon with the aft deck, an arc of huge glass doors opening up the lounge and connecting inside to out. This curved entrance is reflected in a shapely salon design with flowing waves of sofas and cabinetry that move forward toward the dining area. To each side, full-height glass ensures the views are incredible, and beautiful drapes ensure privacy. 

benetti 40m interior
The shapely salon is lined by glass and dares to leave plenty of space © Benetti

Layout and exact finish across the yacht can morph to suit the owner’s style, but it is good to see Benetti and interior designer Bonetti Kozerski Architects continuing the trend that avoids over-specification and allows the interior to breathe with well-spaced sofas and discreet cabinetry.

benetti 40m salon
Breathtaking views abound, here we look aft, over the Oasis deck, the recessed lounge allowing a clear view for salon guests © Benetti

Style & Separation 

From the open salon, we move forward to a more ordered Owner’s stateroom. Benetti has created a true suite with three separate areas that give us first the bedroom and lounge, then, accessed through a neat passage, a full-width dressing, and then the ensuite in the broad bows. It is a design that will make 60m yacht owners jealous.

The bedroom and lounge area enjoy the broadest part of the hull and feel like a place you will never want or need to leave. The lounge area over to the starboard is big enough to be used. As opposed to being a place you might sit, this is a place you will stay. There is no option for a balcony, but the suite is bordered by massive sections of glass.

benetti 40m interior
benetti 40m interior

Separating the dressing area makes so much sense, the back of the closets creating the bedroom divide and also delivering privacy and lots and lots of stowage. The ensuite follows the same his’n’hers theme with a dual entrance and room for a deep bath as well as a big shower room. 

Before we leave the stateroom, there is an additional space to starboard, off the cabin’s entrance passage. A big bright glass-lined space intended for use as a gym but equally adept as a private office perhaps.

benetti 40m interior
The Owner’s stateroom design creates three defined areas and they are all winners © Benetti
benetti 40m interior
benetti 40m interior

Guest Cabins

Moving aft, the central stairwell leads down to the lower deck guest accommodation or the upper deck helm and lounge. We will tear ourselves away from the helm for a while longer and head down, where four ensuite guest cabins await. There is plenty of variation on the final layout but the two VIPs and two double cabins here make sense, especially if you opt for convertible twin-to-double berths.

benetti 40m interior
benetti 40m interior
benetti 40m interior
Skylounge style, the layout can be matched to the Owner’s requirements. Note the huge single sections of glass

The upper deck sky lounge is perhaps the most conventional part of the yacht and none the worse for it. You won't be surprised to learn there is a lot of glass, delivering amazing views from this elevated position. The design allows the owner to work in what they want, be that a full dining table, lounge seating, a bar, and more. Given the upper deck aft is the perfect place to dine, keeping the interior more focused on lounging and a spot of TV watching, makes sense.

Helm Station

And now we come to what might be the star moment of a very special yacht, and that’s saying something given the OASIS DECK.

The often humble helm station has been given more love in recent years. Here it is given a design pedestal that elevates it to greatness. You could say it is a helm station that boldly goes where no helm has gone before. 

benetti 40m helm
A special moment in yacht design, the bridge mixes function with spectacle in equally glorious amounts

Walking onto the bridge from the upper deck is a moment to savor. The first hit comes from the glass that surrounds the helm, full-height and wrapping around the entire forward section. The view is extraordinary, and the sense of connection with the sea and sky is unmatched. Two massive doors lead out to each raised side deck, and an expanse of teak covers the sole.

benetti 40m interior
Seen from the foredeck, the helm is a visual centrepiece

When you have taken it all in, and that may require some time, your gaze then falls on the central command seat and the pods that wrap around it, the controls falling neatly under the captain’s hands. The design works in two big touchscreens at eye level with three above and leaves a clear line of sight forward. In case you were wondering, the steering wheel is a discreet little thing tucked to port.

With such a display, Benetti has ensured the crew and guests can enjoy the show with seating set respectfully to one side.

Deck Lifestyle

We have covered the sensational oasis to the stern, so let’s head to the sun deck which feels every inch the superyacht retreat. With the open aft deck the spot to head to when at anchor during the day, the sundeck is a more private option, perfect when in port, day or night.

benetti 40m design
The sundeck offers all manner of layouts
benetti 40m design
benetti 40m design

The sundeck is a superb place to dine, with a hardtop covering the central area where the dining table will usually live. With so much space up here, the owner can have whatever layout they like. The example we looked at used the open areas of the deck fore and aft of the hardtop for sunbathing, a spa pool, and a barbecue grill.

Down a level, the upper deck, running off the sky lounge, adds yet more dining and lounging options, but we can see the foredeck being a favorite retreat with guests. Walk forward along the raised side deck and you come to a very impressive, slightly recessed lounge area, perfect for social gatherings and feeling safely and securely inside the yacht. Another private in-port lounge will make for an exciting seat when the yacht is underway.

Value For Money

Value at this length is about possibility and promise. The final price is more about the level of fit-out and the customization you require.

benetti 40m design, oasis deck
benetti 40m design
Benetti Oasis design

This Oasis has huge possibilities whether you are anchored off the Costa Smeralda or voyaging across some far-flung sea. Its decks are fantastic, but the interior is as spacious and stylish as any of its rivals. The promise comes from Benetti’s expertise in delivering a true semi-custom yacht, built to the highest standards and designed by one of the world’s best in RWD.

As a combination, it is a pretty unbeatable one.

Our Verdict

Where do you start with the Oasis 40M? It is a star amongst stars, a standout yacht in arguably the strongest ever 40m market we have seen. The Oasis Deck concept is a genuine moment in yacht design, and rightfully steals many headlines, but we also need to celebrate the glass bridge, magnificent Owner’s suite and breathtaking salon. Add in an exterior design that thrills and reassures In equal measure and a properly global 4000nm range and we might well be looking at the ultimate 40m yacht. 

There is, perhaps, one caveat. The Oasis aft deck only really makes sense if you are someone who likes to leave port and anchor up somewhere. In port, it can't and doesn't work. But that's it. So buy the Oasis 40M and make sure you leave port.

Reasons to Buy

  • Magnificent Oasis Deck design
  • 4,000nm range
  • Owner stateroom
  • The best bridge under 70m

Things to Consider

  • Oasis Deck can't be fully enjoyed in port
  • Build lead time
  • There are a few of them about!

Rivals to Consider

Depending on your priorities, the Benetti can either have no rivals or quite a few.

There isn't a yacht this side of 60m, or even 70m, that delivers the same spectacular helm station. And if you want a 40m yacht with a 4000nm range and its own private waterside Oasis there is still only one place to look. 

If you do not need the range, the faster Azimut Grande Trideck offers an excellent beach club and matches the Oasis 40M on interior style. The Sunseeker 42M might do the same, while the Oasis 40M stablemate, the 37M Motopanfilo, is an enthralling vessel, full of class.

If you want to forgo the Oasis deck, and for those who spend a lot of time in port and not at anchor, it really doesn't make sense, then the net widens massively.

But, perhaps, the main competition to the Oasis 40M is logistics. Benetti can only build so many of these enthralling vessels so fans of its design may be forced to look and compromise elsewhere. 


  • Builder Benetti
  • Range Oasis
  • Model Oasis 40M
Benetti Oasis 40M illustration
  • Length Overall 40.8m
  • Beam 8.5m
  • Draft(full load) 2.05m
  • Hull GRP
  • Cabins 5
  • Berths 10
  • Crew 9
  • Yacht Type (Primary) Superyacht
  • Use Type (Primary) Cruising
  • Cruising Speed
    Max Speed
  • Fuel Capacity 45,000 Litres
  • Fresh Water Capacity 8,000 Litres
  • Engine Model 2x MAN V12-1400
  • Engine economic speed 12 knots
  • Engine max range (speed type) 4000 nm

Benetti Oasis 40M Layout

  • Sun Deck Benetti Oasis 40M

    The uppermost deck on the reviewed yacht had a Jacuzzi forward, the dining table sat beneath the hardtop, as seen here. The deck has an almost liner-like feel, with its rounded circumference and teak capping

  • Upper Deck Benetti Oasis 40M

    The upper deck is outstanding, from its glass bridge forward to the open aft terrace, a broad glass-lined lounge in between. The space on offer gives buyers a lot of options on the final layout

  • Main Deck Benetti Oasis 40M

    The main deck design is unlike any other yacht in this class, the circular salon opening onto a vast, aft-facing terrace that gently drops to the waterline. The main deck Owner's cabin layout is no less remarkable, with its split suite design

  • Lower Deck Benetti Oasis 40M

    The lower deck design is key to the main deck's success, pushing the tender garage forward of the engine bay allowing the aft deck above to drop down lower. The guest layout creates two VIPs and two double-size cabins, with a long crew quarters that pushes forward, into the bows