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Wider WiderCat 92 Review (2024 Edition)

The WiderCat 92, a catamaran yacht that definitely lives up to its name — she is the widest in the Wider fleet.

Spanning just under 12m (40ft) in width, she outstretches the Ferretti InFYnito 90 by an impressive 4.5m (15ft). But there's more to the WiderCat than just its broad beam. It has a hybrid propulsion system and two VIP cabins, which are among the coolest I've seen in a long time. Let's see what makes this catamaran a standout.

Here's a tongue twister for you and a good summary: The Wider WiderCat 92 is the widest Wider ever... but is it the best? Read on to find out... 

Wider WiderCat 92 Key Facts

Wider WiderCat 92 illustration
  • LOA 28.04m
  • Model Year 2024
  • Cabins 4
  • Crew 4
  • Max Speed 15 knots
  • Status In Production
  • Yacht Type Multihull
  • Use Type Cruising
  • Vessel M/Y Acali

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Design & Build

The WiderCat 92 was built in Ancona, Italy, and has been designed in-house by Wider Engineering, alongside interior design by Luca Dini Design & Centro Stile Wider. The exterior profile cleverly incorporates asymmetrical shapes that influence the catamaran's overall design.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the sheer height and size of it. The main deck alone boasts over 100 square meters (1,076sq/ft) of space, half of which is dedicated to the master stateroom. Below deck, the standard layout includes two mirrored VIP cabins in the hulls and an additional twin guest cabin, making it capable of easily accommodating up to eight guests. Each cabin has its own unique colour theme — red, green, pink, and so on.


The green flooring and asymmetric shapes seen on the outside are echoed inside, from the saloon floor to the detailing above the television. This consistent design language creates a good harmony throughout the yacht. For example, the roundels found in the ceilings are repeated throughout.

There are 170 square meters (1,830sq/ft) of solar panels in total, spread across the decks including the top of the wheelhouse. These top up the 360kwh battery bank in a bid to run the yacht silently at rest and as efficiently as possible when it's on passage.

Interior Accommodation

A big round table is a great feature in the main deck saloon and it's perfect for dining, enjoying a drink, or playing cards. The table is complemented by a lovely light fixture and a striking roundel in the ceiling — a design that is again repeated throughout the yacht. To starboard, there's lots of seating, and it's all thanks to the yacht's impressive beam. This makes the space feel enormous, so much so that you might not even notice the day head neatly tucked down the starboard side. 


The upper saloon, located just behind the bridge area,  is a much more intimate and contained space compared to the main saloon. It’s a lovely spot for a nightcap after coming in from the aft deck or for catching up on some sports on the TV. The angles and design elements from the lower deck are also echoed here, tying the yacht's themes together. 

Owner's Cabin

The sheer size of the owner's cabin and the breathtaking views are truly spectacular. The enormous window floods the cabin with natural light and the headroom is extremely generous, resulting in a very airy, open atmosphere.

The bathroom is splendid, featuring a massive shower cubicle with views over the water, lovely marble sinks, a toilet, and a bidet. It has all the luxurious touches you could wish for. Storage is plentiful, wrapping halfway around one side of the cabin.


The bed is the centrepiece, mounted right in the middle of the room, and flat floors make it easy to move around. It's a big bed too, flanked by two substantial side tables. The detailing is beautiful, with leather accents on the bed stand, and the same motif from the saloon repeated on the ceiling.

One of the standout features is what feels like a private terrace — you can step outside without walking back through the boat and also have a natural breeze flowing through the cabin, especially nice on a warm day. While the side decks do lead down to this terrace, it still has a sense of privacy. 

The owner also has a little private pantry featuring a galley top with storage, space for a coffee machine, and a large drinks cooler. Perfect for enjoying the terrace without having to leave the cabin to grab a drink or snack. 


VIP Cabins

The VIP cabins on the WiderCat 92 offer a level of luxury that can rival the owner's suite. The port side VIP has a good-sized bed and the space to house it. The detailing is absolutely lovely — just like the red leather accents around the bendy reading lights. Opposite the bed, a big bureau and a hull window allow natural light to enter. For storage, there are hanging wardrobes providing plenty of space for belongings. There is also a private bathroom

However, the main event for the VIP cabins is their own access to an outdoor terrace, leading to the beach club, through a watertight door. It's basically a private platform — perfect for paddleboarding or swimming first thing in the morning and you don't have to wind your way through the rest of the yacht. This platform circles around and can connect to the other VIP cabin's platform, really giving it a beach club vibe. You could even pop over to the neighbouring VIP cabin for a morning swim together. It's a well-thought-out and unique feature.


Moving over to the starboard hull, you'll find another VIP cabin, mirroring the port side in both size and amenities. This cabin also has direct access to the beach club, offering the same connection to the water. 

The third guest cabin, designed specifically for the owner's daughters, is equally lovely but sports a more playful vibe with pink accents. Twin beds are separated by a generous amount of space and matching pink marble is found in the bathroom.



The ship's galley on the WiderCat 92 is situated on the main deck and this space gives lots of storage and a swathe of countertop space. An induction cooker, oven, and microwave are integrated along with a lovely big fridge. What's particularly clever is the side door that leads to the port side deck, allowing the crew to come and go without disrupting the guests in the saloon. Guests can also use the facilities if they wish as it's a beautifully finished space that feels more like a guest area than a crew zone.


Crew Space

The crew quarters are split across both hulls in the WiderCat and can comfortably accommodate four crew. The port side hull houses the captain’s cabin — a single bed with a Pullman above if you need an extra crew member. This cabin also has a private bathroom, a bureau, and a decent amount of hanging storage.

Adjacent to this is the crew mess, which is nicely specced and spacious for a 90-footer. Monitoring systems are installed here so the crew can still have oversight and control of the yacht systems and cameras. The space has a hull window and a dinette with a drop-down table and a TV. The other crew space, forward in the starboard, is more basic and sports a pair of bunks. 


Helm Station

The bridge is positioned a long way forward on the upper deck so you don't feel as though you're piloting a 90-foot long, 40-foot wide monster cat. Though you can use a remote docking control at various positions around the stern of the boat, the suite of cameras dotted around the boat means you can complete berthing manoeuvres from inside the bridge, as long as you have a way to communicate with the crew.

The WiderCat 92 is propelled by a hybrid setup that features electric motors, twin 360kW generators, and a 360kWh battery bank. The motors themselves are rated at 500kW each, allowing the system to juggle various power sources based on the current cruising need.


So cruising at a leisurely six knots, there is the pure electric vehicle (EV) mode for about 25nm. Want to go further? The generators will kick in, topping up the batteries and extending your range. At a steady 10 knots, you're looking at an impressive 1,300nm. When stationary, the solar panels come into play, by running the boat's systems and keeping the batteries topped up without resorting to the generator. This system and the software that runs it have been developed in-house by Wider. Essentially, the system's brain should call upon the various energy sources as and when it needs them depending on how the boat is being used. 

The onboard monitoring system offers a comprehensive view of how everything is working onboard. For example, when connected to shore power, you can monitor how the power is balanced and used. It's clever stuff, though it remains to be seen how the system works in effect. 


On Deck

The tender garage on the WiderCat 92 can house either a 5.5m (18ft) tender or a 4.5m (15ft) tender alongside a jet ski. The garage door doubles as a bathing platform with a zip-in section, which conceals the mechanics when the door is down, so it allows for easy access without having to look at any open storage area.

The 67 square meter (720sq/ft) beach club area is also really nice. Drop-down balconies at water level create a wonderful close-water experience, and there's direct access to the two VIP cabins on either side, making it incredibly convenient for guests lucky enough to be in them.


Main Deck Cockpit & Side Decks

The cockpit has equal access up both sides of the transom, and you're struck by the enormity of the symmetrical side decks — so spacious you can even fit a sun lounger on them. This cockpit has a lovely big space between two separate tables and a generous lounger at the back, all under the shade of the substantial overhang. 

The seat tucked up against the cockpit doors is a great addition. This spot is particularly appealing when the boat is in motion as you can watch the wash pour out of the back of the boat in full protection of the main deck. It's a really nice place to be, whether the boat is moving or stationary.


Upper Side Decks & Foredeck

Moving forward on the WiderCat 92, you’ll find yet another pair of huge side decks. These are beautifully crafted with lovely big mouldings and nice shapes to enjoy. Furthermore, the design has put breaks in the structure to give you glimpses of the sea as you make your way towards the foredeck.

The foredeck itself is an expansive area with storage under the windscreen and space for a couple of jet skis, which can be hauled on and off with an integrated crane. If you need even more room for toys beyond the tender garage, this is where they can go. There's a sun pad forward that is one of the few places that isn't protected by a large overhang, so it will become the place to be for sun worshippers.

In a bid to pack as many solar panels on the boat as possible, the owner of hull number one even requested that they be added to the side decks. Given a lot of the surface area is covered by the overhangs above it's questionable how effective they'll be and they are far from an ideal surface for the crew to walk on. The bridge deck roof is plastered with them too, but this makes much more sense. 


Upper Aft Deck

This space is absolutely lovely, especially on a warm summer evening. What stands out right away is the impressive size of the bar — it's a fantastic entertaining space, with plenty of room for guests to sit comfortably on bar stools. From this vantage point, you've got fabulous views all around.

There are also nice, comfy lounges on either side where you can sip your drink and it's a very well-protected area too. And let's not forget the grill. It's perfectly positioned, separate from the bar, so you won't be covering your guests in smoke while you're cooking. It's a great outdoor entertaining space. 


Our Verdict

When it comes to the WiderCat 92, its sheer size will speak for itself. There is a lot to take in with all the impressive technology that Wider has packed into its frame.

What really stands out for the WiderCat 92 is the focus on guest comfort. Unlike many yachts in this class, it's not just about the owner. The design has put a significant emphasis on giving everyone on board a comfortable and unique experience.

There's a lot to like about this solar-powered catamaran, but the true test will be to see how she performs in real-world conditions. For now, it's refreshing to see a yacht that prioritises guest comfort so strongly.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extraordinary beam
  • Large tender garage
  • VIP cabins with terrace access
  • Hybrid propulsion system

Things to Consider

  • Divisive looks
  • Big yacht to handle
  • Unproven propulsion system

Rivals to Consider

When it comes to accommodation, the WiderCat 92 offers a well-appointed layout for up to 10 guests across its five-cabin configuration. However, some competitors, like the Extra Yachts X30 Villa and Silent Yachts 120, edge ahead by accommodating up to 12 guests in six cabins. If maximising guest numbers is your primary focus, these alternatives might be a better bet for hosting family and friends.

That said, WiderCat 92 doesn’t skimp on comfort. The master cabin is absolutely lovely, complete with an ensuite bathroom and a dressing table, and each cabin boasts its own ensuite facilities. This level of intimacy and convenience ensures a pleasant stay for all onboard. Similarly, the Wider Yachts W150 and Sunreef Yachts 100 offer five cabins but manage to fit 11 guests, balancing space and luxury in a very, very appealing manner.

Moving on to unique characteristics, each yacht brings something special to the table. The Extra Yachts X30 Villa and VisionF 101 Superline feature shallow drafts, making them perfect for navigating waters that are off-limits to deeper vessels. The Wider Yachts W150 has a focus on performance and efficiency, cruising comfortably at 13 knots. In contrast, the VisionF 101 Superline kicks off with more power, reaching a top speed of 17 knots. Then there’s the Silent Yachts 120, which impresses with a hefty gross tonnage of 499GT, the largest amongst its competitors.

In summary, while the WiderCat 92 faces stiff competition, it brings its own set of notable features and design elements to the table, especially with its VIP cabins. The choice ultimately comes down to personal taste and specific requirements. Whether you prioritise maximum guest accommodation, unique navigational capabilities, or performance, there’s a lot to think about with the options available in this sector. 


  • Builder Wider Yachts
  • Range Catamaran
  • Model WiderCat 92
Wider WiderCat 92 illustration
  • Length Overall 28.04m
  • Beam 12m
  • Draft(full load) 1.5m
  • Hull Composite
  • Cabins 4
  • Berths 5
  • Crew 4
  • Yacht Type (Primary) Multihull
  • Use Type (Primary) Cruising
  • Cruising Speed
    Max Speed
  • Fuel Capacity 10,000 Litres

Wider WiderCat 92 Layout

  • Flybridge Wider WiderCat 92

    The upper saloon is a great spot for a cosy nightcap

  • Main Deck Wider WiderCat 92

    The owner's cabin is forward on the main deck with direct access to the foredeck

  • Lower Deck Wider WiderCat 92

    The pair of VIP cabins, aft, connect directly to the beach club